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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Information a Crane Hire Agency Will Need From You

by Samantha Russell

Hiring a crane agency can mean having the equipment you need to work any type of construction or even a cleanup job, without having to maintain a crane or store it on your own. Hiring a crane isn't like just hiring a car to pick you up from the office; you'll need to share some important information with the crane agency so they send the right type of crane, and can work with you to ensure the site is ready for the crane as well. Note some of the information you may be asked so you can have it ready when calling an agency and there will be no delays in getting the crane you need.

The condition of the site and if there will be matting

Many construction sites have very soft soil which may also be very muddy. A crane agency will need to know if that soil will hold up their crane without it sinking, especially as it may be somewhat off-balance when lifting a load. They may ask if matting will be provided on the site, for accessing the site itself and for where the crane will be located. You may be asked to provide this matting if the soil is very soft or very sandy, so consider shopping around for it now to compare pricing and availability.

Load value

A crane rental agency will need proper insurance for their work, but this insurance is based on more than just any potential damage the crane could do to your site itself. The insurance will also need to take into account the load value, or the value of the items being lifted and loaded. A copper roof will be more expensive to replace than a stainless steel roof, as an example, so be sure you have an actual value amount for the load when calling and not just general details about the material. 

Extension and range of lift

Your load may need to be lifted from the ground and delivered some 30 stories up, or it may need to be lifted from the back of a truck and delivered 30 stories up but to the middle of the building being constructed. These details will affect the type of crane you'll need and its range, as well as the type of bucket or claw that the crane will use. Be sure you know the full extension and range of lift for your load, from start to finish, and be prepared to provide that to the crane rental agency.

For more information about how to prepare your jobsite and what you'll need to provide, contact a crane hire company.