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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Welcome to my blog. My name is Deborah. About 15 years ago, I bought an old home. We worked with several contractors to rehabilitate it, but ultimately, the foundation simply wasn't stable enough, and we had to tear it down. After that, we worked with a construction crew to build a home from the ground up. The experience was exciting and challenging, and I learned a lot through that process. I want to share construction and contracting facts and information with others so I decided to start this blog. I hope that you like the results, and I thank you for reading. Enjoy!

Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Why You Need To Consider Building Your House with Screw Piles

by Samantha Russell

When thinking about building a house, you will want to be concerned about the type of foundation that the house will have. Among the options you will find are concrete and screw piles. Screw pile foundation is a superior option that you should consider. Here are the reasons why. 

Fast Installation

Installation of screw piles usually involves the use of heavy construction equipment such as excavators. This makes for inexpensive and fast installation. While hiring this equipment can be costly, the shorter project periods that come along with them might save you some money that would otherwise be experienced with lengthy installation periods.

No Spoils

With screw piles, there will be minimal disturbance to the construction site. First, screw piles offer minimal vibration during installation. This is very important for projects that are sensitive to such vibrations. In addition, screw pile foundations produce no soil cuttings. This is important because it will help keep the site clean. This, in, turn reduces the clean-up required, leading to reduced project costs.

The footprint required for screw pile foundation is relatively small as well, which minimises disruption to the structures that are adjacent.


Screw pile foundations offer a wide range of soil as well as load applications. That is, they can be installed in different subsurface conditions. The design loads are also diverse and depend on the type or need of your project.

Little or Minimal Dependence on the Weather

Other foundations or anchoring systems such as concrete can be affected by the weather conditions. Screw piles can be installed in all weather conditions, making it an ideal anchoring option to consider.

Removability and Reusability

Screw piles are removable and reusable. If you plan to demolish your old house that had screw piles and build another, you can still use the screw piles, making them cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Immediate Loading

When compared with other foundation or anchoring systems, screw piles are unique because they can be loaded immediately just after they are installed. That is, they have a load carrying capacity just after installation. This is unlike other materials such as concrete that have to cure first before they achieve their load capability. The ability for screw piles to be loaded immediately is very important in a situation where you have a limited schedule and the rest of the construction project depends on the foundation's installation.

Consider the above advantages of screw piles next time you are looking for foundation options for your home.