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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Which is the Best Plywood for Making Kitchen Cabinets?

by Samantha Russell

If you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen cabinets, you may have heard that different types of plywood are used for making the cabinet boxes and shelves. There are different types of plywood on the market today based on size and grade, but not all of them are ideal for kitchen cabinet construction.

Before looking into the best plywood for kitchen cabinets, it is essential to understand why plywood is the best material for the job. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Plywood consists of various layers of wood veneer with the grains running in alternating directions. This makes the material strong, sturdy, and suitable for construction applications.
  • Plywood can be stained as it contains wood grain. It is suitable for making kitchen cabinets with a nicely stained surface.
  • The wood is less susceptible to humidity, making it suitable for kitchen cabinets.

Plywood is usually classified into grades. There are two grades that you should be considered for the construction of your kitchen cabinets. These are MR and BWR grades.

Moisture Resistant (MR) grade

MR grade is commercial plywood that is resistant to moisture. It is cost-effective and specially designed for making interior furniture and cabinets. Moisture resistance, in this case, means that the wood can withstand a little moisture and humidity without getting destroyed. MR grade plywood is ideal for kitchen cabinets as the kitchen area is often prone to moisture and humidity. Note that moisture resistance does not mean that the wood is waterproof. When soaked in or exposed to a lot of water for a long period, it can get damaged. Always wipe off water on the cabinets to increase their durability.

Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) grade

BWR grade is plywood that's waterproof. It is designed for exterior furniture and fixtures that are usually exposed to water and humid conditions. If you expose your kitchen cabinets to water for long periods, you may want to go for this type of plywood. BWR grade plywood is more expensive that MR grade. However, it is more durable due to its water resistance properties and can save you money in the long run.

You can laminate plywood furniture to prevent water and moisture from getting into contact with the wood, especially when using MR grade. There are various decorative laminates on the market that you can choose. Doing this will increase the life of plywood and keep your cabinets looking beautiful as new.

Talk with plyboard distributors to learn more about plywood options that could be useful to you.