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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Welcome to my blog. My name is Deborah. About 15 years ago, I bought an old home. We worked with several contractors to rehabilitate it, but ultimately, the foundation simply wasn't stable enough, and we had to tear it down. After that, we worked with a construction crew to build a home from the ground up. The experience was exciting and challenging, and I learned a lot through that process. I want to share construction and contracting facts and information with others so I decided to start this blog. I hope that you like the results, and I thank you for reading. Enjoy!

Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Signs You Require Blocked Drain Cleaning Services

by Samantha Russell

Your household's drainage system plays a crucial role in the optimum functioning of your plumbing. However, since the drainage system is typically out of sight, it also tends to be out of mind too. Without the regular care and maintenance, your drainage may begin to experience problems that would affect the entire plumbing in your household. To prevent major drainage catastrophes that could prove to be quite cumbersome, it I prudent to know the signs of a blocked drain. Enlisting drain cleaning services posthaste could be the difference between minor drainage repairs and having to deal with a burst pipe. So what are some of the signs that you require blocked drain cleaning services?

Your plumbing is taking long to drain

Flowing water in your sinks, tub shower and more should not take a significant amount of time to drain. For your bathtub or toilet, the water should create a whirlpool motion to indicate a healthy and continuous flow down the drain. Of you notice that water is pooling in these areas rather than going down the drain, chances are you have a blocked drain in your plumbing system. This may be caused by various reasons such as clogs from bio-waste or sediment accumulating in the piping, which would significantly decrease the radius of your pipes. When you notice a slowing down of your draining, it is best to enlist professional drain cleaning services to address the problem before it becomes exacerbated. 

Your drains are overflowing

Another sign of blocked drainage systems is if you begin to notice overflowing in the different plumbing facilities in and around your home. The most commonly affected area is the toilet. When you attempt to flush it, you will notice that the water begins to rise rather than flow down the drain. This typically indicates that there is something inhibiting the water from properly flowing down the pipes. It should be noted that this overflowing might also be caused by abnormal pressure within your plumbing system. It would be best to hire drain cleaning services in order to prevent water damage in the event that the drains stop working altogether. 

Your drains are emitting a foul odour

Granted, drains do not always smell fresh due to the amount of waste that goes down them. However, the smell is not supposed to engulf the entire room. If you notice pungent smells emanating from kitchen sinks, toilets or your bathtub, then it should indicate waste accumulating within the drainage system. It could also be a sign of a dead animal that may have gotten trapped within your drainage system.