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Planning and Executing Construction and Contracting Projects: Tips for Consumers

Why Use a Seeded Aggregate Concrete on Your Car Park's Pedestrian Areas?

by Samantha Russell

If you're restoring or relaying your car park's concrete, then you need to decide how to deal with your pedestrian areas. Drivers need a safe walking route around the car park when they leave or return to their cars.

Safety here isn't just a question of keeping them away from cars driving in and out of the space. The surface itself also affects pedestrian safety and comfort.

If you aren't sure which type of concrete to use on pedestrian walkways, then consider using a seeded aggregate. How does this concrete work and what are its benefits?

What Is Seeded Aggregate?

Seeded aggregates combine regular concrete and small stones. At the start of the installation process, your contractor puts down a layer of standard plain or coloured concrete.

They lay out the aggregate stones on top of this layer by hand while the concrete is still wet. As it dries, it bonds around the stones. They set into place and give the surface a raised and slightly bumpy feel.

In some cases, you simply scatter stones over the surface to create the aggregate layer. In others, you can create designs or coloured areas. Once the aggregate is in place and bonded, your contractor seals the surface to keep it in good shape.

What Are the Advantages of Seeded Aggregates?

People need to know where they should walk in a car park. Your pedestrian walkways or pavements should be easy to see, access and follow. If people don't use designated pedestrian areas, then they have an increased risk of accidents from cars in the area.

You can use an aggregate mix to make pedestrian areas stand out from the rest of your car park. For example, if you use coloured stones on the concrete, then paths and walkways are easy to spot and follow. You can also use coloured concrete to make these areas stand out even more.

An aggregate also stands the test of time longer than traditional markings. Markings can wear off after a few years of use. If people can't see them, then they might not walk in the right places.

You also need to think about walking safety here. If your car park is open, then its surfaces will get wet when it rains and icy when it snows. Some concrete surfaces can be slippery to walk on. People could have accidents as they walk to and from their vehicles.

If you use an aggregate mix in your pedestrian areas, then you increase walking safety. The stones give people more grip. They are more likely to keep their footing even if the surface is wet or icy.

To find out more about aggregate mixes and their benefits, contact commercial concrete contractors